New talents in organizations will stimulate innovation

Published: 29 November 2019

Fast working methods from the technology industry that meet architectural and urban planning and a programmer who will contribute creative code in clothing and fashion design. These are examples of a project in a new Vinnovan effort where businesses for a time invite a person with unknown perspectives, skills and abilities to the host organization.

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A car from the East German car brand Trabant that received a visual update, a competence that was added from the outside.

In many parts of the world there are residency programs where people are invited to a specific place and environment. Residence is initiated to gain access to skills that an organization cannot otherwise obtain. It should lead to the use and transfer of knowledge that is not already in the business. The goal is to develop new ideas and solutions, but also to contribute to renewal that has significance for the organization's innovative capacity in the long term.

- Innovation is partly the new and unexpected. Then you also have to search for solutions and skills outside your own bubble. Welcoming someone with other skills can be a way to renew your own business, says Erik Borälv, responsible for the call for proposal.

Five project receive funding in the total of two million.

Formable architectural processes, Okidoki Arkitekter

An attempt to change the sometimes sluggish architectural and urban planning industry is to take a perspective from the startup and technology industry. Okidoki architects are now trying to bring in expertise from the fintech area through product manager Ruben Flam, which is characterized by high adaptability and rapid product development.

Artistry as a way to increase innovation power, Uppsala municipality

Uppsala municipality faces major challenges and needs to scale up its innovation work. The innovation work uses methods, concepts and concepts that are difficult to explain and communicate in a simple way. The project will explore whether the artist Viktor Hertz can contribute to the solution to this through new approaches to communication and learning.

Creative code in clothing and fashion design, University of Borås

Will explore basic artistic opportunities and challenges for creative code as the main tool in clothing and fashion design. The residency is given in studios and workshops at the Section for Design, Textile University / Borås University in the area of clothing and fashion design. Residents are Gabor Papp, programmer and artist.

Art as a tool for enriching understanding and external communication, the National Veterinary Institute

Artist Johanna Hästö will conduct workshops and pilot projects at the State Veterinary Institute during the period to open up a new kind of internal dialogue and reflection. The goal is that it should lead to a better common understanding of the authority's mission and a renewed dissemination of the authority's activities to outsiders.

Utvecklare/Creative Technologist in residence, Egnahemsfabriken Tjörn

Egnahemsfabriken is a physical and organizational platform that enables more people to build their own houses - a way into the housing market for groups who otherwise find it difficult to get housing. By incorporating Åsa Isacson as Creative Technologist into the Egnahems factory, the organization can begin to build digital infrastructure for social construction processes and increase the circular use of building materials.


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