Active summer in innovation policy

Published: 30 August 2019

During the summer, developments in innovation policy continued at full speed. Here is a selection of events that are interesting to follow.

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May 16: The government commissioned the authorities that fund research to make analyzes and make recommendations that can contribute to the government's research policy. The analyzes will be submitted on 31 October. Read more inGovernment Press Release.

\nJune 26: New start for the National Innovation Council with new members. Read more in thegovernment press release.>\nJune 30-July 7: Almedals week. Among other things, Vinnova held the seminarCan innovation solve the climate challenge?\n

July 25: The government launched four partnership programs with the goal of gathering power to strengthen Sweden's global innovation and competitiveness and meet the major societal challenges. Read more ingovernment release.


July 30: The EU announced which experts will be involved in shaping missions for Horizon Europe, the EU's upcoming framework program for research and innovation. The experts include Allan Larsson and Johan Rockström from Sweden. Read more atEuropean Commission website.

\nAugust 8: The government appointed a new research committee. Read more in thegovernment press release.
<p>Vinnova is helping to strengthen Sweden's innovation capacity. We do this mainly by funding research and innovation projects.</p>
<p>Horizon 2020 is the world's largest efforts on research and innovation with a budget of around 80 billion euros.</p>