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Billion funding to Sweden from Horizon 2020

Published: 28 May 2019

Sweden is one of the ten most successful countries when it comes to funding from Horizon 2020, the EU framework program for research and innovation. In total, this amounts to just under EUR 1.3 billion, which has gone to Swedish actors during 2014-2018.

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Horizon 2020 is the European Framework Program for research and Innovation, determined by the European Commission. The calls for proposals within Horizon 2020 provide significant funding opportunities for Swedish research and innovation actors and opportunities to participate in European collaborative projects for technology development and solutions to societal challenges. The latest report from Vinnova shows that Sweden is successful in the framework program, a total of 3.5 per cent of the distributed funds, corresponding to EUR 1.3 billion, has gone to Swedish actors.

- We are in eighth place among the countries and there we have been since the start of this program. If you look at granted per capita funds, we are a little lower. In general, we can say that it is going well for Sweden, says Jessica Umegård, national contact person at Vinnova.

In particular, Sweden is successful in the climate area, which includes more aspects as raw material. Another successful area is in health, where Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm is a major European actor.

- Then there are some areas where we are strong and see greater opportunities. For example, in agriculture and forestry issues where we have great potential. We have also been strong in the security area, but we have now lost, ”says Jessica Umegård.

The countries that are more successful in the framework program are mainly large countries such as Germany, the UK and France, but the Netherlands and Belgium are also doing better.

- We have not done any analysis of why some countries are doing better, but perhaps it may be that some calls for proporsals do not fit Swedish participants or that there is already strong Swedish funding in that area. We are in place eight and it is good to have high expectations and hopes, but in summary, it goes well for Sweden, says Jessica Umegård.

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Last updated 28 May 2019

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