AI will help banks with equal funding

Published: 28 May 2019

An AI-system that helps banks to finance innovative entrepreneurs gender equally and new inclusive business models for the film industry. These are two of 25 projects which get funding to increase equal opportunities.

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In the initiative, Vinnova finances the development of innovative solutions that can contribute to increased equality and gender equality.

18 preparatory projects receive funding with between SEK 300,000 and SEK 400,000 each and 7 innovation projects receive between SEK 850,000 and SEK 2.5 million each.

Example of project:

RIKARE II: Learning algorithms for non-discriminatory financing decisions of innovative activities

Analyzes have shown that gender stereotypes affect which entrepreneurs banks choose to provide funding for. The project will develop an AI system that makes it easier for banks to fund innovation on an equal footing.
Coordinator: IMIT

Digitization of physical habilitation and rehabilitation

With a digital solution, the project will modernize and streamline physical habilitation and rehabilitation in order to create empowerment and independence for the individual.
Coordinator: Bacill Sverige AB

Can the film industry become more equal and inclusive by analyzing norms' impact on the industry's business models?

The project will examine the impact of norms on the film industry's business models and examine what can affect the industry to become more equal and inclusive.
Coordinator: Ceretai AB

Here is the whole list of project that receive up to SEK 400,000

Here is the entire list of project that receive up to SEK 2.5 million


<p>Normkritisk innovation handlar om att utmana normer för att skapa nya idéer och lösningar som bidrar till ökad jämställdhet och jämlikhet. Just nu har vi två erbjudanden om finansiering inom området.</p>
<p><span>"Med NOVA i hand" är handboken som är till för dig som ska leda normkreativa innovationsprocesser.</span></p>

Last updated 28 May 2019

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