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How does Brexit affect Swedish research and innovation?

Published: 11 November 2019

The United Kingdom is one of Sweden's most important partners in research and innovation. The ambiguities surrounding Brexit affect cooperation. In preparation for leaving the EU, the UK Government has made clear what is needed for funding participation in the EU Framework Program Horizon 2020 in the near future.

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- Given that the UK's exit from the EU is still not resolved, it is uncertain what the future cooperation on research and innovation will look like. But preparations are underway to secure cooperation opportunities, whether it be an approved exit agreement or a tough Brexit, says Karin Aase, head of department EU relations head of department at Vinnova.

Part of the preparations is that the UK Government has published an overview of UK participation in Horizon 2020. It appears that the UK undertakes to finance project that have been applied for before the exit date of March 29 if the country leaves the EU without an agreement. British actors should thus be able to start and end their Horizon 2020 project which has been sought or started before leaving, whether it is a tough or softer Brexit.

The UK is second to Tyskland Sveriges's most important partner in research and innovation and the foremost in medicine, health and aviation. Vinnova and the Swedish Research Council have therefore been commissioned by the government to find out what the consequences of the UK's exit from the EU can have for our innovation and research cooperation. The assignment is regularly reported to the government.


Karin Aase

Head of department

Last updated 11 November 2019

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