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FFI Transport and Mobility Services

The sub-programme FFI Transport and Mobility Services is tasked with developing and testing new innovative services and transport solutions that contribute to streamlining vehicle use and parts of or entire transport systems.

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Innovative services and business models are examples of identified critical areas that can accelerate the transition to a more sustainable transport system for goods and people. Other key development areas are new regulations that need to be adapted as new technology and new services are developed. Furthermore, it is also important that investments within the program are developed with regard to the need for relocation among different users in society.

FFI Transport and Mobility Services will contribute to:

To test solutions that optimize the transport system and meet the following challenges:
  • Equal accessibility to the transport system
  • Efficient resource utilization in the transport system, including logistics
  • Efficient collaboration with societal actors and in R&I initiatives

What we finance within FFI Transport and Mobility Services

The sub-program finances development projects and applied research that focuses on service development and transport solutions that demonstrate the system benefits of a resource-efficient transport system:

Testing of solutions for resource-efficient transport systems

Tests of technical functionality, user-friendliness and integration solutions of innovative services and their effect at system level.

The whole-journey perspective

Solutions and services that contribute to a more sustainable and equal accessibility for different user groups by creating more seamless intermodal passenger transport "from door to door".

Seamless freight and goods transport solutions

Increased efficiency in logistics flows from the first to the last mile through the development of new services and system integrations.

New forms of collaboration

New constellations and partnerships to develop business innovation capacity in the transport system.

Investments in the development of digital platforms and enabling technologies from a holistic perspective

Development of necessary technologies from a systems perspective needed to build new types of services, business models and digital platforms.

The sub-program will integrate various aspects of system innovation and therefore views positively that project include two or more of the following areas. We see with advantage that a system perspective is found in the project, for example regarding the current situation description, objectives, method, implementation and evaluation.

  1. Technology, services and processes
  2. Business models and collaboration
  3. Robust and secure infrastructure
  4. Policy, standardization and regulations
  5. Behavior, culture and values

The above five areas should not be limiting but can be supplemented with other aspects that are considered important for the implementation of the project.


Christian Fredricsson

Programme manager

+46 8 473 32 10

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Last updated 19 April 2022

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