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FFI Accelerate

The sub-programme FFI Accelerate has the task of accelerating the transition to sustainable road transport through system demonstration, scaling up and demand-driven projects where all system dimensions are addressed.

The purpose of FFI Accelerate is to increase the pace of change through strong and broad collaboration between relevant actors in an implementation and ecosystem perspective.

FFI Accelerate will contribute to:

  • Meet needs and bridge gaps to make society's road transport fossil-free, safe, equal and efficient
  • Showcase and implement new system solutions in larger investments
  • Identify opportunities to combine important areas to accelerate the transition to sustainable road transport

What we finance within FFI Accelerate

  • Large and complex demonstration projects with potential to achieve implementation within a few years
  • Project whose results are relevantly scalable in a national and international context
  • Project in new areas that are not naturally covered by other sub-programs within FFI

The process for FFI Accelerate

Two comprehensive workshops are held each year to identify challenges and project ideas. Participation must be broad and represent all stakeholders, such as the parties in FFI, small and medium-sized companies, other industries, municipalities, regions, university college and universities and institutes.

At these workshops, external monitoring and portfolio and gap analyzes from the sub-programs are presented, but also input from other stakeholders. Then thematic areas are discussed to develop into demonstration efforts or other efforts.

Project ideas are collected via an open call for proposals, twice a year. After quality review, the program council recommends decisions of feasibility studies and project.

In order to form a demonstration effort, several dialogue meetings are probably needed before a recommendation for approval can be made. Demonstration projects are often extensive, which normally means that a feasibility study is required.


Linda Svanhed

Programme Manager

Calls for proposals within FFI - upcoming and open

Last updated 19 April 2022

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