Sub-programmes and strategic initiatives

FFI is currently overseeing five sub-programmes and three strategic initiatives.

FFI’s sub-programmes and strategic initiatives

The majority of FFI’s budget (75%) is allocated to innovation projects within the five sub-programmes. The remainder is earmarked for strategic initiatives. A strategic initiative is an opportunity for FFI’s board to shore up a specific area using special funds for a limited time period.

FFI’s sub-programmes

  • Energy and the Environment
  • Road Safety and Automated Vehicles
  • Electronics, Software and Communication
  • Sustainable Production
  • Efficient and Connected Transport Systems

Strategic initiatives currently accepting new applications

  • Bicycles and Other Vehicles in a Safe and Smart Cooperation for a Sustainable Future
  • Automotive Security and Privacy
  • Complex Regulation
  • Machine Learning

All FFI’s sub-programmes and initiatives

<p>I den här strategiska satsningen stödjer vi projekt kring cyklisters trafiksäkerhet. Cyklister tillhör de mest skadedrabbade grupperna i trafiken.</p>
Below, we list calls for proposals within this offer.
<p>Maskininlärning är en riktad satsning med potential att förändra fordonsindustrin, övriga industrigrenar och hela samhället. Området utvecklas snabbt.</p>


If you have any questions about FFI, you are welcome to contact us at the Vinnova office.

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Programme administrator

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Last updated 13 December 2017

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