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Funded projects within FFI

Over the years, hundreds of project have been realized through funding from the Strategic Vehicle Research and Innovation (FFI) program. Here we list all project that have been financed until 2021 in FFI's previous sub-programs and initiatives as well as the projects' public final reports.

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All funded project within the previous sub-programs

Use the links below to get directly to funded project within one of FFI's previous sub-programs.

Delprogrammet Effektiva and connected transport systems

Delprogrammet Hållbar production

Delprogrammet Trafiksäkerhet and automated vehicles

Delprogrammet Effektiva and connecting transport systems (EUTS) including the strategic investments FIFFI and BADA

Delprogrammet EUTS will create and maintain an overall arena where industry, authorities, institutes and academia work together to develop efficient and connected transport systems.

Delprogrammet Hållbar production

The sub-program aims to enable the automotive industry to use innovations and research results for sustainable production.

Delprogrammet Trafiksäkerhet and automated vehicles and the initiative Autonomous vehicles

Delprogrammet Trafiksäkerhet and automated vehicles have as objective to contribute to the development of so-called zero-vision vehicles. Zero-vision vehicles are vehicles with systems that reduce the number of accidents, and reduce the consequences of the accidents that occur after all.

Here you will find final reports within Traffic Safety and Automated Vehicles (TSAF), including the strategic initiative Autonomous Vehicles.

Delprogrammen Elektronik, software and communication as well as Enabling electronics, Complex control and Fordons IT-säkerhet and Integrity

Here we publish final reports within Electronics, software and communication (EMK) including the strategic investments Enabling electronics, Complex regulation and Fordons IT-säkerhet and Integrity

Sub-progam System-of-systems for urban mobility (SoSSUM)

Sub-progam Machine Learning

Sub-progam Bikes and other vehicles in safe and smart collaboration for a sustainable future

Projects initiated by the FFI board

Below you will find projects and final reports from board- projects within FFI.

Delprogrammet System-av-system for Urban Mobility (SoSSUM)

Delprogrammet Machine Learning

Delprogrammet Cyklar and other vehicles in safe and smart collaboration for a sustainable future

Board project

Here you will find project and final reports from board project within FFI.


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