Viable Cities

The strategic innovation programme Viable Cities is a long-term initiative intended to make smart cities a key element in the transition to a sustainable society.

Smart solutions for sustainable cities

The majority of the world's population lives in cities and the relative percentage of city-dwellers is constantly increasing. Cities are also responsible for 70 per cent of the world's energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Consequently, finding smart solutions for building sustainable cities is one key factor in overcoming the energy-climate challenge.

The Viable Cities strategic innovation programme aims to create sustainable solutions to global social challenges. Its major focuses are growth potential, social relevance and opportunities within the field of sustainable urban development that can contribute to new solutions in the energy and climate field. The programme is administered by the Swedish energy agency.

The Swedish energy agency

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Olga Kordas

Programme director

+46 8 790 87 73

Kajsa-Stina Benulic

Contact person at Energimyndigheten

016-542 06 08

Maria Johansson

Head of department

+46 8 473 31 70

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