Smart Built Environment

The Smart Built Environment programme aims to create new opportunities through digitalised urban development. The project’s focus is on how digitalisation can serve as a catalyst for change in the built environment.

A fragmented sector

The built environment sector affects our entire human-made environment, but is fragmented and includes a large number of stakeholders and processes. Smart Built Environment enjoys broad support among Sweden’s public authorities, businesses, organisations and municipalities. The programme invites more businesses and organisations to join in these efforts.

About the Smart Built Environment programme

This programme takes an all-encompassing approach to the opportunities afforded by digitalisation and promotes the spread of new opportunities and business models. The programme coordinates, supplements and intensifies current initiatives. It aims to reduce the built environment sector’s environmental impact, shorten planning and construction times, reduce total construction costs and facilitate a new business logic in the sector.

Programme administered by Formas

This programme is administered and coordinated by the Swedish Research Council Formas. This means that you apply for funding via Formas. Visit Formas’ website for more information about current calls for proposals.

Visit Formas' website

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Kristina Gabrielii

Programme director

070-259 56 57

Aleh Kliatsko

Programme manager, Formas

+46 8 775 4048

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