The strategic innovation programme for aviation, Innovair

The aim of Sweden's national strategic innovation program for aeronautics, Innovair, is to strengthen the aeronautics technology area. We do so through increased collaboration, research and information dissemination.

The programme funds research in aeronautics. The overall purpose of the programme is to contribute to growth and more jobs, technology diffusion to other sectors, industrial renewal and air traffic that are greener, safer and more efficient.

The programme will:

  • contribute towards doubling the turnover for the Swedish aviation industry which is currently just over SEK 20 billion
  • ensure that Swedish research contributes to the EU's environmental goals in the aviation area
  • increase the export share in the Swedish aviation industry from 70 to 90 percent
  • strengthen the conditions for small and medium-sized companies operating in the aviation area.

The project activities consist of various research programs with announcements: the national aeronautical research programme (NFFP) and the demonstration programmes IntDemo and SMF Flyg (aviation for small companies).

In addition to the national initiatives, the programme works actively to establish strategic partnerships with priority countries, such as United Kingdom, Germany and Brazil.

Read more about sustainable research on aviation on Innovair's official website

Current funding in aviation and aeronautics


Anders Blom, FOI

Program Director

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