Medtech4health supports needs-based innovation in the field of medical technology.

Medical technology facing major challenges

Care and medical services in the industrialised world are currently facing major challenges. Better medical care and a larger relative percentage of elderly among the population has led to an increased need for healthcare services. At the same time, the shift in age-group ratio also risks causing a drop in production and revenue for society. The share of GNP consumed by health care and medical services has increased significantly in most countries. New medical technology offers a means to address these challenges.

About the Medtech4Health Programme

This programme is designed to help fill the gaps in Sweden’s current medtech innovation system. The patient, the healthcare service and the business community formulate the problems and the programme’s dual focus is patient involvement in their own care and achieving a sustainable care and medical services system.

Good cooperation is a prerequisite for success. Presently, the programme brings together Sweden’s medtech industry, administrative regions and county councils, patient organisations, research institutes and universities in six Swedish regions.

Programme Objectives

The programme aims to help advance Sweden’s medtech research and innovation system. It will help realise improvements for patients and healthcare services, while also generating industrial growth and increased exports.

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