Connected, sustainable cities

More and more people live in cities. We face future challenges in our cities, whether they're social, environmental or financial. Digitisation provides new opportunities for using resources efficiently and improving communication between inhabitants and authorities, to give one example. People are at the heart of this development. Perhaps you can help?

Opportunities for you to help

In a smart city, inhabitants can use the opportunities that come with digitisation to share resources. They can work together with authorities digitally and contribute to the city’s development. Municipal organisations can collaborate with business for increased durability in residential areas, for example.

Smart cities is a strong area in Sweden. Vinnova offers a number of opportunities if you want to contribute to the sustainable cities of tomorrow.

How we're working with smart cities

Many of our activities are connected with smart cities. We're contributing to these strategic innovation programmes with a special focus on these areas:

  • Smart Built Environment
  • Internet of Things Sweden
  • Smart Sustainable Cities

Sustainable attractive cities are a priority in our programme Challenge-driven innovation.

We have also been given a commission from the Government to support those who are working with the cooperation programme Smart Cities.

Smart built environment vill skapa nya möjligheter baserade på digitaliserad samhällsbyggnad.

Internet of Things Sverige är en nationell satsning på att Sverige ska bli ledande på att använda internet i saker. Fokus ligger på att lösa samhällsutmaningar. Detta sker i samarbeten mellan kommuner, företag och forskare.

Strategiska innovationsprogrammet Viable Cities är en långsiktig satsning för att göra smarta städer till en central lösning i omställningen till ett hållbart samhälle.

Challenge-driven innovation is an initiative that aims to solve social challenges that require broad cooperation to overcome. The solutions developed under the programme must make a clear contribution to one or more of the 17 Sustainable development goals laid out in the UN's 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.

Other prioritised areas

A circular, bio-based economy is one of the keys to a sustainable society. 

Sweden needs the force of industrial innovation to meet the social challenges we're facing.

Increased cooperation between healthcare, academia, industry and interest groups is vital if we're going to improve Swedish competitiveness in life science.

To cope with climate challenges,we need to use transport resources smarter and more efficiently.