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The public business is an important market for companies and organizations and an opportunity to demand innovative solutions. Follow the reasoning during three seminars on procurement that Vinnova and the Procurement Authority arranged during Innovation Week 2019.

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The public sector makes purchases of around SEK 700 billion per year in Sweden. This is one - tenth of our gross domestic product (GDP). In the recordings below, you can take part in thoughts on how we can encourage innovative solutions in line with Agenda 2030 when we carry out these procurements.

How do you succeed with your innovation procurement?

Citizen-driven innovation in procurement

Can you buy social innovations?

Circular economy - from words to (up) action!

Therefore, public procurement is done

Municipalities, regions and state authorities purchase goods and services for SEK 683 billion a year. It creates an important market for many companies and organizations. The public sector thus has a significant opportunity to use its purchasing power to demand innovative solutions from the business and idea sector that can contribute to developing welfare and achieving the goals in Agenda 2030.

There are several different ways to carry out an innovation procurement, such as through innovation partnerships, competitive dialogue, negotiated procedures:

Read more about public procurement on the Procurement Authority's website.

Public procurement aims at a good management of public tax funds by taking advantage of competition in the market. Central principles for public business are openness and equal treatment - decisions about suppliers must be made on objective, commercial grounds.

The public transaction (procurement) is based on transactions being made through competition. Important principles include that information about a procurement must be open and accessible for everyone to take part in and that all suppliers must be treated equally.

So in addition to having a clear idea of what aim you are entering into the innovation project, it is wise to ensure that the project acquires procurement competence at an early stage to lay the foundation for a future good deal. It may even be the case that development and innovation can be developed within the framework of a procurement - there are several possibilities within the procurement legislation.

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<p>Despite high ambitions, Sweden is beginning to fall behind in the transition to a circular sustainable economy. To accelerate the development, Vinnova gathered some of the country's leading experts in the field to discuss how public procurement can be used to increase the demand for circular solutions.</p>

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