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Materials to prepare

Before the workshop, there is a lot to be printed and produced. Here you will find instructions and downloadable material. The copyright to the material belongs to Caroline Stellar and Matilda Zetterblom.

This web page has been machine translated. If there are any uncertainties, please refer to the Swedish text.

Material to produce yourself

You need to produce

  • lists with group division
  • table signs
  • name tags
  • inspirational material (pictures of emerging phenomena)
  • agenda
  • instructions for each part of the exercise
  • guide to table hosts

Also think out how to present the environmental maps in the right relation to each other, for example if you are going to put them on a table, put them on an easel or hang them on the wall.

Material to print

Environmental maps

Environmental maps force concrete choices and priorities by showing that, for example, it is not possible to have both parking spaces and urban cultivation in the same place. The environmental maps are all connected, but can also be used individually at different tables.

Print the environmental maps on cardboard sheets measuring 100x70 cm. Count on two copies of each.

Template environmental maps

Theme for the environmental maps

The maps have been developed to suit different social themes to varying degrees. The file you download above contains various environmental maps. Below are suggestions for different themes to discuss, choose and combine as you wish:

Free time
Community building

Personal card

Personas are examples of people who may be in the environments and have a connection to selected themes. They should be a help to make the conversations about people in the environments and be a reminder that the solutions must suit different types of people, with different types of needs.

Print a set of personal cards per table, as well as an extra.

Template personal card


Here is the start of a story for some of the themes that the participants can continue on. Print three sets of story templates in A3 per table. Complement with other stories so that they fit and inspire your chosen themes.

Story templates for printing

Mission templates

The templates should be a help for the participants to quickly familiarize themselves with the democratically developed goals (eg Agenda 2030 sub-goals, national and regional goals) that are within the theme. There are templates for some - not all - of the above themes, and these are precisely locally adapted to regional conditions in Kalmar. Therefore adapt to your context and your area / city.

Print three sets of mission templates per table. Print in landscape format.

Mission templates

Useful puppets with effect guide

The useful plops must be printed on sticky sheets with pre-punched circles of 9 x 13 lines. The circles should be 22 mm in diameter. Count on two sets per table. Staple the effect guide to the sticker.

Useful magnifiers for printing

Power Guide

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