Connected industry and new materials

Sweden needs the force of industrial innovation to meet the social challenges we're facing. Efficient production methods, new ways of working with customers and changing business models are all made possible by the digital revolution. New sustainable materials and additive manufacturing create opportunities in all sectors and strengthen Swedish competitiveness.

How we're working alongside industry with new materials

The connected industry and new materials sector is at the top of the list at Vinnova. We have several programmes that are specialised in this area. At the moment, these are only available in Swedish.

We also have a commission from the Government to support those who are working with the cooperation programme Connected industry and new materials. We also have a special commission from the Government for The digitisation of industry (in Swedish only).

Work alongside us and strengthen this area

Vinnova is boosting the digitisation of Swedish industry. We also support the continued development of new, sustainable materials. The key to success lies in working together and gathering knowledge, resources and commitment from both large and small companies, academia and public organisations around Sweden. Our aim is for Sweden to be world-class in the sector of connected industry and new materials.

Other prioritised areas

<p>A circular, bio-based economy is one of the keys to a sustainable society.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Increased cooperation between healthcare, academia, industry and interest groups is vital if we're going to improve Swedish competitiveness in life science.</p>
<p>We face future challenges in our cities, whether they're social, environmental or financial.</p>
<p>To cope with climate challenges,we need to use transport resources smarter and more efficiently.</p>

Last updated 30 January 2018

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