EUREKA - cooperation for industrial research and development

EUREKA is a programme aimed at strengthening the competitiveness of European industry in Global markets and creating collaborations between companies and researchers in the participating countries. The program finances market driven projects for the development of new products, services and processes. Vinnova is the national contact authority for EUREKA in Sweden. Our role is to provide information and funding opportunities for Swedish participants in EUREKA projects.

What is EUREKA?

EUREKA is an industry driven programme, which means that the needs of companies and end users determine which projects are supported. In the projects, small and large companies, research institutes, universities and other relevant actors from at least two member countries collaborate. The network currently has 45 participating countries. Most of the countries are European, but South Korea, Canada, South Africa, Chile and Argentina also participate.

EUREKA finances projects in three sub-programs:

  • Eurostars - a programme for research and development performing small and medium sized enterprises.
  • Clusters - thematic programmes for collaboration between industry and academia.
  • Network projects - Company-driven international research and development projects close to the market. Used mainly in bilateral and multilateral calls with selected countries.

Project funding are provided by the national authorities that are members of EUREKA.

Who can participate?

EUREKA primarily targets companies that have in house research and development capability, but is also open to participation from research institutes, universities, the public sector and other relevant actors. For more information, see the different sub-programmes rules for participation.

Vinnova’s role

Vinnova is the national contact authority for EUREKA in Sweden and finances and administers grants to Swedish project participants. Vinnova allocates around EUR 19 million a year for the EUREKA cooperation.


Peter Lindberg

National project coordinator Eureka

+46 8 473 31 93

Annie Lindmark


+46 8 473 30 95

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EUREKA's three sub-programs

<p>EUREKA network projects are business-driven international research and development projects close to the market. The aim of the project is to develop new products or services.</p>
<p>Eurostars allows SMEs to apply for funding for development of market-related processes, products and services in international project.</p>
<p>Industry-driven and market-oriented cluster projects within research, development and innovation can apply for funding&nbsp;</p>

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