AI for a sustainable society

Artificial intelligence (AI) has great potential to help us meet some of today's major societal challenges, such as treating chronic illnesses and combating climate change.

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The use of AI creates opportunities for efficiency in both the public sector and the business sector, provides new business opportunities and is in many cases crucial for our future competitiveness.

Vinnova contributes to accelerating the development and use of AI in areas that are important for Sweden or where we can take an international lead. We now have a particular focus on AI to meet the climate challenge, AI solutions for the Swedish language and the use of AI for increased gender equality.

AI Sweden - a national AI center

An important step for the development of AI in Sweden is AI Sweden - a national center for applied AI research and innovation. The purpose is to accelerate the application of AI by sharing knowledge and data, co-locating competence and running project of national interest.

AI Sweden consists of several geographical nodes. In 2019, nodes opened in Gothenburg, Örebro and in southern Sweden. Since January 2020 there is also a node in Stockholm. More nodes are planned. Vinnova has decided to invest SEK 100 million on AI Sweden 2020-2024.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

There is no widely accepted definition of artificial intelligence (AI). In essence, AI is about digital technology that enables automated information processing and decision-making without human intervention.

One way to define AI is the ability of a machine to mimic intelligent human behavior. Artificial intelligence is also the area of science and technology that is about studying, understanding and developing machines with intelligent behavior.

Currently in AI

Published: 29 Jan 2020

<p>Now AI innovation of Sweden is establishing a node in Stockholm. Vinnova has decided to invest SEK 100 million on AI Innovation of Sweden during 2020-2024 with several geographical nodes around the country.</p>

Published: 9 Dec 2019

<p>Vinnova is investing in eight new data labs that will increase the use of data in different areas. These include a medical language data lab, a computer lab focusing on smart cities and a real estate data lab. Access to large amounts of data is important, not least for the development of artificial intelligence.</p>

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Last updated 1 April 2020

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