Our objective - a more innovative and innovation-promoting public administration

Regulations, and not least the interpretation of regulations, sometimes have an inhibitory effect on innovation. At the same time, properly designed regulations can instead contribute to new markets and societal improvements can be created, begun and spread.

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Regulations, and not least interpretation of regulations, can sometimes hamper innovation. In some cases, it is good because it can prevent new ideas from having negative consequences or leading to injustice. But sometimes the rules slow down unnecessarily and often completely inadvertently. In some cases, new rules or other forms of financial incentives are required for new markets and societal improvements to be created, to be used and to be disseminated.

There are several examples that rules that are not adapted to today's conditions and a public activities that is not sufficiently responsive hinder development - and fail to meet people's and business's new needs. We believe that these phenomena / examples are becoming more common and that we live in a time of unusually great need to review the prevailing rules. We also believe that the current way of producing new rules does not really stop and therefore the process of developing rules should be renewed.

What is the problem with today's process of developing new rules? We believe that changes in the public sector are too much organized to achieve "internal efficiency" and that sometimes it fails to meet the needs of people's lives and business activities sufficiently quickly. Instead, you meet old needs or needs within the public organization.

We believe that new forms of working methods and policy development within the public sector are required for the governance of the public to be more effective and to promote social development in the direction that our elected politicians decide.

We also believe that more cooperation is part of the solution where transparency, the inclusion of citizens, companies and civil society in the design of public activities needed. It creates an improved overall view and long-term perspective in the political decision-making with more satisfied people and a more competitive business sector. With policy labs, we try to find these new forms of working methods and collaboration.


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