Smart policy development can lift society

Can properly designed rules help innovations develop? Is it possible to implement socially useful ideas faster if we can adapt the regulations to them? We think so.

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The demands for a more open and agile public sector are increasing as changes and the complexity of social development. Innovations and new lifestyles put pressure on existing laws, regulations and customary working practices of authorities and other public actors.

The risk is that public organizations prioritize stability and avoid mistakes - instead of daring to take necessary initiatives that focus on the benefits of citizens or companies.

Smart policy development is an initiative to more quickly create modern and effective rules of the game for markets and the public sector, for example by using innovation methods from startups. The goal is to facilitate innovations that strengthen sustainable societal development.

Initiatives and collaborations in the field of policy development

Vinnova is working together with a number of authorities in order to adapt regulations based on society’s demand for sustainable development through experimentation. Here are some examples of the collaboration projects that we have worked on for an adaptive and innovation-friendly policy development.

<p>There are many different terms and tools for developing regulation. Here you will find various tools for smart policy development and examples of best practice internationally.</p>
Regulations, and not least the interpretation of regulations, sometimes have an inhibitory effect on innovation. At the same time, properly designed regulations can instead contribute to new markets and societal improvements can be created, begun and spread.
<p>Many other actors work actively on police lab - both nationally and internationally. Here you can read more about their investments.</p>

Ongoing collaborations in policy development

Today, Vinnova works with several authorities to adapt the regulations to the society's eligibility requirements for sustainable development through experimental methods. Here you can read about some of our collaborations where we work for a customized and innovation-friendly policy development.

<p>As a result of the cooperation with Vinnova in a policy lab initiative, fintech companies have gained a dedicated forum to which they can turn when they have questions: Finansinspektionen’s new innovation centre for the financial market.</p>
<p>So-called policy labs are helping to fulfil society's new needs, to bring about regulatory change, and to facilitate innovations that drive sustainable social development.</p>
<p><span><span lang="EN-US">It may become simpler for individuals to rent out their car in the future, following a smart policy development initiative encouraging users to help change the regulatory framework.</span></span></p>
<p>The police in Sundbyberg are testing an innovative policy development approach to find new opportunities to help youngsters make better life choices.</p>
<p>How can policy officers investigate how we get more individuals to declare income from renting for example private homes? Here the Swedish Tax Agency tells about the policy work on the sharing economy they implemented together with Vinnova.</p>
<p><span lang="EN-GB">When Livsmedelsverket, the National Food Agency, tried working <span>&nbsp;</span>together with the reindeer herding industry within the context of a policy lab, they began to develop smart regulatory changes which can really work for, and not against, the industry.</span></p>
<p>The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s work with a policy lab approach led to the development of smarter policy instruments with positive effects and made the decision-making process easier for politicians.</p>
<p>The Swedish Transport Agency is now testing a policy lab approach in order to simplify the process of obtaining permits for experimentation with autonomous vehicles.</p>

Do you want to participate?

Are you a public authority in the starting blocks to address a challenge related to both policy and innovation? Or do you have ideas about which ones should be interested? Then you are most welcome to contact us at Vinnova, see contact details further down the page.

Our mission is to support creative policy development in various ways and create shared learning and experience.

It can be about:

  • identifying regulations that need to be renewed, designing new rules or testing them before they are launched
  • adapt operations around existing regulations - to facilitate their compliance, such as supervision, application processes, control bodies, information, training and customer service by administrators and employees.

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