Web-based seminar: How does research and innovation make a difference?

Online Thu 2 Apr 2020 at 13:00-13:45

To achieve the global sustainability goals of Agenda 2030, research and innovation are necessary and a prerequisite. But how and in what ways can the large investments in research and innovation meet today's societal challenges in Agenda 2030?

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Welcome to a web-based seminar on April 2, where we discuss how big investments in research and innovation make a difference and open up to achieve the goals in Agenda 2030. We are based in particular on some key factors that need to be addressed and that are clearly highlighted in several national and international reports. In what ways do innovation initiatives succeed in contributing to the system changes required to achieve the sustainability goals?

At the seminar, the Challenge-driven innovation programs (UDI) Strategiska Innovation Program (SIP) and the Vehicle Strategic research and Innovation Program (FFI)) are specially studied. There are particularly interesting results from program analyzes and evaluations that indicate that we are on the right track in the change needed to reach the goals of Agenda 2030.


Moderator: Joakim Appelquist, head of division Vinnova

Darja Isaksson, director general Vinnova

Examples of investments in research and innovation:

Johannes Henriksson, Ramboll
Cecilia Sjöberg, head of division Vinnova head of division

Panel discussion and questions from viewers.

Anyone who follows the live broadcast can ask questions via Menti.com.

Open up for innovation!

The seminar is part of Vinnova's seminar series Open up for innovation! where we highlight methods and processes that strengthen the innovation system and help to meet major societal challenges.

Sometimes we photograph or video record our activities. If you don't want to participate in photos or videos, please let us when you arrive.


Johanna Dahlin


+46 8 473 32 26

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Published: 11 Dec 2019

<p>The investment in strategic innovation programs has led to broad collaboration, the spread of technology across traditional industry boundaries and strengthened international competitiveness of the actors participating. This is stated in an evaluation six years after the first programs started.</p>
<p>Challenge-driven innovation is an initiative that aims to solve social challenges that require broad cooperation to overcome. The solutions developed under the programme must make a clear contribution to one or more of the 17 Sustainable development goals laid out in the UN's 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.</p>
<p>Follow Vinnova's seminar series on how we open up to innovation by seeing how systems and contexts affect innovation ability.</p>

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