The strategic innovation programme for mining and metal recovery – STRIM:

Strategic innovation programme for mining and metal producing industry – 2018

Closed 7 November 2018

With this call, we fund shorter pre-studies, full-scale innovation projects or pilot projects that address the societal challenges defined in the STRIM agenda.

Important dates

  • How to apply

    To apply for funding, you need to complete an application form in our application portal, Intressentportalen. The form contains questions about your project, project members and budget.

    Allow enough time to complete the application

    Keep in mind that it can take several days to gather the information you need to complete your application, so it’s a good idea to start early. That way, you can save your details and come back to your application, making adjustments until you submit it.


    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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    Selection of fund­ed pro­jects

    Project title Coordinator Grant Status Reference number
    Recovery of Lithium from dust generated in pyrometallurgical treatment of Li- ion batteries Luleå tekniska universitet SEK 500 000 Ongoing 2018-04631
    Automated Drill Planning for Multiple-Boom Rigs in Underground Mining Örebro universitet SEK 4 038 000 Ongoing 2018-04622
    Developing a numerical tool to optimise mining sequences and minimize seismic hazard using mine stiffness concept Luleå tekniska universitet SEK 487 500 Ongoing 2018-04616
    Platinum-group elements in Swedish Ni-Fe-Cu sulfides Luleå tekniska universitet SEK 469 000 Ongoing 2018-04615
    Distance, Awareness and Orientation: Exploring Augmented Reality Applications for the Deep Mining Industry BORIS DESIGN STUDIO AB SEK 469 000 Ongoing 2018-04611
    SO4-BIORED Demonstration of biological sulfate reduction in cold RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB SEK 1 632 000 Ongoing 2018-04610
    Improved resource efficiency through dynamic loading control II Luleå tekniska universitet SEK 3 356 000 Ongoing 2018-04606
    Efficient metalpowder process with innovative sensor technique RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB SEK 400 000 Ongoing 2018-04628
    Energy Efficiency in Rocks Comminution using High Power Microwaves Uppsala universitet SEK 500 000 Ongoing 2018-04623
    Optimized roasting of complex copper sulphide concentrates for flexible raw material utilization Luleå tekniska universitet SEK 4 072 000 Ongoing 2018-04620
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