The strategic innovation programme Innovair

The aim of the strategic innovation programme, Innovair, is to increase the turnover of the Swedish aerospace industry by 100 percent from the present day SEK 20 billion. At the same time the proportion of exports should increase from 70 to 90 percent.

Swedish aerospace technology is word famous

Swedish aerospace technology is internationally recognised and, in addition to exports, the field also contributes innovative capability, qualified employment opportunities, public utilities, technology transfer to other areas such as the country's defence and security capability.

Innovair gathers interested parties within aerospace

To achieve the objectives, three common innovation agendas, the latest in 2016, have been developed by the country's leading aerospace interests including major companies, small and medium enterprises, universities, institutes and industry organisations and authorities.
Innovair is run by representatives of all these different aerospace interests. The project operations are run under two different research programmes with open announcements. These are partly NFFP (Nationellt Flygtekniskt ForskningsProgramme - The National Aerospace Research Programme) and partly by the SWE Demo - Aerospace demonstrator programme for increased competitiveness, environmental adaptation and air safety.

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Anders Blom

Programme manager FOI

Sanna Edlund

Programme manager

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