Innovative Startups :

Innovative startups step 1 - spring 2019

Closed 15 January 2019

Are you a small, newly started company with an innovative and internationally competitive business concept? In that case, the Innovative Startups Step 1 offer can be something for you.

The offer in brief


What can you apply for?

Technical and market validation of the innovation. Development of prototypes and demo versions. Investigation of protection and intellectual property rights.


Who can apply?

A limited company or economic association younger than five years that has not distributed dividends and whose sales comprise less than SEK 2 million annually.


How much can you apply for?

Projects in Stage 1 can apply for up to SEK 300,000.

Important dates

  • What is the offer about?

    Startup companies can apply for grants to carry out a project with high risk and high potential that increases the company's ability to attract customers, capital or investments. You can seek money to take your company to the next level. The money will be used to validate, verify and develop your business and the solution the business is based on. For example, it may be about developing prototypes, developing the business model or strategies to protect the company's new solution.

    We hire experts with relevant skills to assess the projects. Then we select the projects that are deemed to have the highest potential, most credible and highly qualified teams, but where the company is in the early stages and needs to fill the company with content in terms of knowledge and assets.

    The companies that are awarded grants in step 1 and have final reports can then search in step 2. There is the possibility to apply for grants up to SEK 900,000 for continued development needs.

    Requirements for obtaining funding - checklist

    The company must:

    • be a limited company
    • conduct business in Sweden
    • be younger than five years at decision date
    • have fewer than 10 employees

    The company may not:

    • have taken over another company's business
    • have been formed by company concentration (unless all companies that were concentrated were younger than five years)
    • be listed
    • have distributed a profit
    • owned to more than 25 percent of other companies
    • own more than 25 percent of other companies in the same or adjacent market
    • Owned to more than 25 percent of physical persons in the same or adjacent market
    • have some other ongoing Vinnova-funded projects

    Terms and formal requirements for contributions can be found in the announcement text. Please note that all formal requirements must be met in order to be assessed. The conditions stated must be met when the project starts.

    How to apply

    To apply for funding, you need to fill out an application form in our portal, Intressentportalen. Formuläret contains questions about the project, project partners and budget.

    Download attachments

    Here you can download the attachments that you need to attach to the application, such as CV template or project description template.

    Start your application in good time

    All applications that meet our formal requirements are assessed by three independent expert assessors. They assess how well the answers in the application meet the assessment criteria stated in the announcement text.

    All expert assessors have signed a confidentiality agreement, by which they are required by law not to disclose or use information from the applications, and also report if they are unfair in any application.

    Our decision on which applications to be granted funds is based on the experts' grades and recommendations.


    If you have questions, please feel free to contact any of us.

    Vinnovas IT-support

    Technical questions about our e-service portal

    +46 8 473 32 99

    Selection of fund­ed pro­jects

    Project title Coordinator Grant Status Reference number
    IoT Bed Bug Indicator Smithereens AB SEK 300 000 Ongoing 2019-00521
    One Million Babies: An Evidence-Based, Personalized Pregnancy App for Safe Pregnancy & Delivery Evidensa Utveckling AB SEK 300 000 Ongoing 2019-01307
    Prototype for automatic scheduling Royal Schedule AB SEK 300 000 Ongoing 2019-00740
    THE OMIT PROJECT Igeia Health Labs AB SEK 300 000 Ongoing 2019-00716
    DigiTwin (tm)/ ML-based Adherence & Chronic Management at scale - Personalized & Predictive Digital Therapeutics Care4 Health Management AB SEK 300 000 Ongoing 2019-00691
    Centropy AB Centropy AB SEK 300 000 Ongoing 2019-00679
    Lokatt Helmets Lokatt Sports AB SEK 298 000 Ongoing 2019-00676
    Improved Health through Sugar Reduction and social enterprising This Sugar Reduced Nordic AB uä SEK 300 000 Ongoing 2019-00666
    Trackuback - interactive visualisation of digitised culture heritage 1.0 Trackuback AB SEK 300 000 Ongoing 2019-00647
    Global Idea Bank SCIMIND AB SEK 300 000 Ongoing 2019-00635
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