Innovative Startups :

Innovative Startups stage 2 - spring 2019

Planned for February 2019

Companies that have further need for financing after Innovative Startups stage 1, have finalized a project in stage 1, and sent in the final report, can apply for funding in stage 2. In stage 2 we can contribute up to 90 % of the project budget, up to a maximum of 900,000 SEK.

The offer in brief


What can you apply for?

The purpose of stage 2 is that companies that have completed their Stage 1 project get the opportunity to further develop the project to be attractive for others to invest in, like customers, investors or financiers.


Who can apply?

To apply for stage 2, a submitted final report from stage1 is required.
To be awarded a grant in stage 2, the final report from stage 1 must also be approved.


How much can you apply for?

Up to SEK 900,000. In addition to this, the company must have its own funding for at least 10 per cent of the project’s total budget. 

Important dates

  • Februari 2019
    Planning to open
    Februari 2019
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