EUREKA cluster co-funding :

Euripides 2 - spring 2019

Closed 1 March 2019

With this offer, we want to support projects with stakeholders across the entire value chain of smart electronics.

The offer in brief


What can you apply for?

Smart electronic systems, such as sensors, power electronics, electronics platforms, construction methods and product integration in electronics. Since Sweden is not part of the EUREKA cluster Penta, projects within micro and nano electronics are not supported within EUREKA. Instead, we refer to EU ECSEL Joint Undertaking.


Who can apply?

Research organizations or industrial consortia consisting of at least two independent organizations in at least two EUREKA countries. At least one of the organizations must be a Swedish company. The application shall be submitted to Euripides2.


How much can you apply for?

There is no upper limit, but we fund up to 50 percent of the project's eligible costs. We usually finance from a few million up to about 15 million kronor. The projects generally run over three years.

Important dates

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