The strategic innovation programme, SWElife

The strategic innovation programme, SWElife, is a national initiative to coordinate and develop stable research and innovation processes for Swedish Life Science. To meet the societal challenge of improving public health in Sweden, SWElife with this announcement wants to support new methods of preventing, treating and easing the lives of people who risk being affected or are already affected by a common disease, its risk factors or complications.

Innovation and collaboration within life science

Swelife creates the conditions for Innovation and collaboration within life science – from concept to public benefit. Together with business, academia and healthcare, we work nationally to optimise the use of existing expertise and infrastructure. We identify failings and needs within the life science ecosystem and then initiate strategic collaboration projects but also open announcements.

Our objectives

All our activities drive change of culture and structure towards our long term objectives:

• Healthcare works more individually, evidence and value based
• Healthcare has introduced and uses several value adding innovations
• National utilisation of expertise and resources
• Life science in Sweden is internationally competitive
• Research and development within life science is growing in Sweden


Closed for application

Closed 15 September 2016

SWElife: Diabetes

Closed 15 September 2016

SWElife utlysning inom diabetes 2016

Closed 2 February 2016

SWElife: Kroniska sjukdomar

Closed 2 February 2016

SWElife utlysning kroniska sjukdomar våren 2016

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