The strategic innovation programme for graphene:

Collaborations for commercial applications with graphene – spring 2019

Closed 19 March 2019

Through this call SIO Grafen wants to finance innovation Projects, driven by an industrial need were the stakeholders together develop graphene technologies for future applications or production processes.

The offer in brief

What can you apply for?

Research and Innovation projects and Demonstrator projects, where graphene could contribute with new or improved material properties or functionalities and that are based on the need of at least one participating company.

Who can apply?

Project consortia consisting of companies, research institutes, academia or other legal entities with establishment in Sweden. Participants with no establishment or branch in Sweden may be a part in the project but cannot receive financial support from Vinnova.

How much can you apply for?

Research and Innovation projects can apply for maximum, 3 000 000 SEK. Demonstrator project can apply for maximum 4 000 000 SEK. Vinnova can fund up to 50 percent of the total eligible costs.

Important dates

  • Workshop in Gothenburg

    SIO Grafen arranges an optional workshop 17th of January 2019 in Gothenburg for extra support to develop project proposals and consortium. Register your project initiative according to the template to before the 15th of January 2019. Read more about the workshop. 

    How to apply

    To apply for funding, you need to complete an application form in our application portal, Intressentportalen. The form contains questions about your project, project members and budget.

    Download attachments

    Please download the documents that you need to attach to your application, for example, the template for a CV or a project description.

    Allow enough time to complete the application

    Keep in mind that it can take several days to gather the information you need to complete your application, so it’s a good idea to start early. That way, you can save your details and come back to your application, making adjustments until you submit it.

    Any questions?

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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    Marie Wikström

    Administrativa frågor

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    Vinnovas IT-support

    Technical questions about our e-service portal

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    Selection of fund­ed pro­jects

    Project title Coordinator Grant Status Reference number
    Multifunctional graphene-enhanced thermoplastics for aerospace applications SAAB Aktiebolag SEK 2 999 000 Ongoing 2019-02144
    Graphene in Loudspeaker Membrane Marten AB SEK 2 000 000 Ongoing 2019-02141
    Grafenmodifierade kompositer för långtids- och högtemperaturapplikationer II RISE SICOMP AB SEK 591 000 Ongoing 2019-02135
    Graphene enhanced pre-casted cement wall with insulation function Svenska Cement AB SEK 1 050 000 Ongoing 2019-02142
    Functionalized graphene as structural fortifier for polymers and coatings Applied Nano Surfaces Sweden AB SEK 2 049 000 Ongoing 2019-02136
    Additive manufacturing of metallic components reinforced with graphene - Addit-G Swerim AB SEK 1 110 000 Ongoing 2019-02138
    Enhanced anti-corrosion protective coatings with graphene additive RISE KIMAB AB SEK 980 000 Ongoing 2019-02139
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