Resebidrag EUREKA och Eurostars:

Resebidrag EUREKA och Eurostars 2011

Closed 31 December 2011

Resebidrag EUREKA och Eurostars 2011

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    What happens after the call has closed?

    Once your application has been registered, we'll send a confirmation email to the person responsible for the user account, as well as to the project manager and the company signer. Please note that this may take a few hours after the call has closed.

    After the closing date, you can't register any new information. You may only add information to your application if we ask for it.

    Who can read your application?

    Applications submitted to us become official documents. However, we don't disclose information about business operations, inventions or research results if it can be assumed that someone will suffer economic damage if we do.

    This means that we must disclose the documents if someone requests them. However, we can black out information if we believe it could cause economic harm if disclosed.

    How we handle official documents and privacy

    Fund­ed pro­jects

    Project title Coordinator Grant Status Reference number
    Ceasar Redsense Medical AB SEK 15 000 Completed 2011-03769
    NanoBio-surfaces Addbio AB SEK 12 000 Completed 2012-00184
    Contribution to WATEC travel IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet AB SEK 12 000 Completed 2011-03948
    WA TECH 2011 Polyproject PILUM POLYPROJECT AB SEK 0 Completed 2011-04064
    Visit to Epigenomics AG, Berlin Chundsell Medicals AB SEK 7 130 Completed 2011-03242
    Budapest Svenska WG Energi AB SEK 10 360 Completed 2011-01757
    WATEC Tel Aviv 2011 Aktiebolaget Mercatus Engineering SEK 12 000 Completed 2011-04013
    Watec Aqua-Q AB SEK 12 000 Completed 2011-04008
    MTXImsys Imsys AB SEK 8 350 Completed 2011-04433
    Development of integrated pneumatik linear motor SO Elektronik Aktiebolag SEK 13 000 Completed 2011-03942