Makers Vår 2015

Closed 25 August 2015

Makers Vår 2015

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    What happens after the call has closed?

    Once your application has been registered, we'll send a confirmation email to the person responsible for the user account, as well as to the project manager and the company signer. Please note that this may take a few hours after the call has closed.

    After the closing date, you can't register any new information. You may only add information to your application if we ask for it.

    Who can read your application?

    Applications submitted to us become official documents. However, we don't disclose information about business operations, inventions or research results if it can be assumed that someone will suffer economic damage if we do.

    This means that we must disclose the documents if someone requests them. However, we can black out information if we believe it could cause economic harm if disclosed.

    How we handle official documents and privacy

    Fund­ed pro­jects

    Project title Coordinator Grant Status Reference number
    Video Games in product and process innovation GSP Makerspace SEK 194 054 Completed
    Lectures and workshops for makers in Gothenburg Chalmers Robotförening SEK 90 000 Completed
    Biobased materials makerspace KARLSTAD INNOVATION PARK EK. FÖR. SEK 125 986 Completed
    Management system for makerspaces Stockholm Makerspace SEK 250 000 Completed
    Digital Literacy for innovation and societal development Högskolan i Halmstad SEK 250 000 Completed
    Gender Technology suburb KOSMOSKLUBBEN STOCKHOLM SEK 145 500 Completed
    Playbook Story Architect SEK 125 000 Completed
    The Maker trip Cloudberry Communications AB SEK 250 000 Completed
    Prospect ProLab Lunds universitet SEK 151 798 Completed
    Idea Bank for Makers Borlänge kommun SEK 100 000 Completed