Joint R&D projects for small and medium-sized enterprises in Sweden-Germany:

Joint R&D projects for small and medium-sized enterprises in Sweden-Germany - autumn 2018

Closed 13 March 2019

With this joint call, we are offering public funding for joint R&D projects between Swedish and German small and medium-sized enterprises (in this call up to 499 employees). The aim of the call is to create the conditions to initiate joint R&D projects to develop products, technology-based services or methods within all technological and application areas, which will in subsequent steps generate sustainable solutions with market potential and potential to address societal challenges.

The offer in brief

What can you apply for?

Activities eligable to apply for funding must be research and development activities that correspond to the EU definition of industrial research and experimental development.

Who can apply?

The call is directed towards small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), with up to 499 employees that wish to collaborate with SMEs and other stakeholders in Germany. Universities, research institutes and other enterprises are welcome as additional participants or subcontractors according to each country´s funding schemes.

How much can you apply for?

You can apply for funding up to SEK 3 million. A company that applies is expected to have a solid economic situation as well as be able to financially co-fund all eligible costs arising from the project in accordance with the state aid rules.

Important dates

  • What happens after the call has closed?

    Once your application has been registered, we'll send a confirmation email to the person responsible for the user account, as well as to the project manager and the company signer. Please note that this may take a few hours after the call has closed.

    After the closing date, you can't register any new information. You may only add information to your application if we ask for it.

    Who can read your application?

    Applications submitted to us become official documents. However, we don't disclose information about business operations, inventions or research results if it can be assumed that someone will suffer economic damage if we do.

    This means that we must disclose the documents if someone requests them. However, we can black out information if we believe it could cause economic harm if disclosed.

    How we handle official documents and privacy

    Fund­ed pro­jects

    Project title Coordinator Grant Status Reference number
    Near zero waste Hydrometallurgy for spent Li-Ion batteries- multi element recovery for maximized recycling MEAB METALLEXTRAKTION AKTIEBOLAG SEK 2 998 804 Ongoing
    Development and Application of an Operator Vision Assistance System for Enhanced Direct Process Control in Foundrie ÖSTERBY GJUTERI AB SEK 2 145 867 Ongoing
    Small volume flow detection system Assalub Aktiebolag SEK 976 099 Ongoing
    Development of a digital printing process with sustainable inks for functional clothing FOV FABRICS AB SEK 2 990 832 Ongoing
    Metal sandwich structure for the outer skin of Boats and Yachts Lamera AB SEK 2 945 000 Ongoing
    ENFLOW: Energy flow metering of natural and biogas for residential applications GasQual AB SEK 2 086 938 Ongoing

    Reference number 2018-04040

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