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SMART – Advanced manufacturing project proposal - 2019

Closed 23 March 2020

With this offer, we want to support projects with actors along the entire value chain in advanced manufacturing.

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The offer in brief

What can you apply for?

Research or development projects in advanced manufacturing.

Who can apply?

Business, industry and academia. The parties must come from at least two of the countries participating in EUREKA. At least one company with a Swedish establishment must participate.

How much can you apply for?

There is no upper limit, but we finance a maximum of 50 percent of the project's eligible costs.

Important dates

  • What is the offer about?

    The call for proposal will help to develop tomorrow's innovation in advanced manufacturing. It will support advanced manufacturing products, processes and services in all market sectors. The result should be ready for market.

    The call for proposal aimed at innovation projects in the following areas:

    • Processing of materials and products.
    • Intelligent and adaptive manufacturing systems at component and system levels.
    • Digital or virtual factory design, data collection and handling, operation and planning, from real-time to long-term optimization methods.
    • Human-machine collaboration that reinforces people's role in manufacturing.
    • Sustainable processes and systems.
    • Customized manufacturing by involving customers in value chains, from product process design to manufacturing.

    What is SMART about?

    SMART is an innovation cluster for advanced manufacturing. Klustret SMART is part of EUREKA where generic technologies of major importance for European competitiveness are developed.

    All project within the EUREKA clusters, public-private partnerships with a broad industrial participation, which aims to promote research and encourage standardization processes.

    Any questions?

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    Reference number 2019-04417

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