How we handle personal data

Sometimes we need to gather personal data to process a case. Find out more about how we handle this data.

Personal data is all information that can be tied to a living person such as name, personal ID number, nationality, education, employment circumstances and contact information. We always collect personal data when you apply for funding from us. We may also need personal data if you, for example, attend a conference, order printed materials or apply for a job with us.

Personal details we keep about you

If you want to change information about yourself, you can contact our personal data representative who is responsible for our handling of personal data. Please write Personal data representative in the subject line.

Email the personal data representative

Once every calendar year, you have a right to request information about which of your personal data Vinnova may have registered. To get this information, you need to submit a signed written request to us.

Our contact information

Personal Data Act

On the website of the Swedish Data Protection Authority, you can read about the Personal Data Act, how it's applied and what your rights are.

Swedish Data Protection Authority website

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