Joint Indo-Swedish Innovation Call: Health and Disease prevention

The Department of Biotechnology, Government of India (DBT), VINNOVA and the Swedish Research Council (SRC) has announced a joint Indo-Swedish Innovation Call: Health and Disease prevention. The goal of the Strategic Indo-Swedish Cooperative Innovation Programme is to support long-term Indo-Swedish research and innovation collaboration in the field of Health.

DBT, VINNOVA and SRC hereby invite Indian and Swedish industry and researchers in both private and public sectors to submit joint project applications for collaborative research and innovation projects. This joint call will stimulate R&D projects in companies and at universities, to longterm development of strong research and innovation environments in a number of broad scientific areas.

The goal of the programme is to support long-term Indo-Swedish research and
innovation collaboration in the field of Health. The approach is to establish and
strengthen collaborative industry and research networks between India and Sweden by funding joint research and innovation projects, exchange visits, demonstration and proof of principle. Collaborative research and innovation projects should be set up under one or more of the following health areas, and should provide economical, societal and environmentally sustainable solutions:

  • Determinants of health and disease prevention, developing
    treatments and treating disease:
  • Medical diagnostics:
  • Innovative food, improving health promotion and disease prevention:
  • Medical devices:
  • Antimicrobial resistance The Swedish Research Council will support basic research projects in the area of antimicrobial resistance.

Project proposals are requested to include a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) perspective in their application. The programme encourages cooperation between industry, academia and the public sector to ensure maximum relevance and impact. In the area of antimicrobial resistance basic research initiatives are welcome to present proposals.

More information

Please contact Johanna Ulfvarson or Tomas Aronsson for more information or see the full call textpdf     . The last day for submitting proposals is on 29 of April.

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