20 cutting edge Swedish innovations shown in Stanford

This week the new exhibition "Innovative Sweden" is launched at Stanford University. The exhibition showing 20 cutting edge Swedish innovations is organised by the Swedish Institute. Get a glimpse of the latest in the fields of clean technology, information and communication technologies, life science and gaming. From hydrogene fuel cells to eye tracking devices.

From cleaning water with sunshine to cameras that see in the dark. You’ll find these innovations in hospitals, schools, at home and all around you. Feel the power of curiosity and see the exhibition Innovative Sweden - showcasing 20 cutting edge Swedish innovations during November 2-9 at the Alumni Center, Stanford University.

16 of these cutting edge innovations have been funded by VINNOVA:

Information and communication technology 

  • Tobii Technology - Eye-Controlled Computers  
  • Oculusai - Automated Visual Analysis 
  • Saplo - Text Analysis
  • Rolling optics - A Three-in-One 3D Product
  • Nocturnal Vision - See in the Dark

Clean Technology  

  • MyFC - Green Cell Phone Charger
  • I-Tech AB - The New Generation Marine Paint
  • Xylophane - A Sustainable Barrier for Food Packaging   
  • Organoclick AB - Making Fibers Smarter  
  • Solvatten - Solar Safe Water System


  • Algoryx Simulation - Learning Through Gaming
  • Ozma Speldesign - Involving Everyone in Change

Life Science  

  • Giraff Technologies - The Giraff Home Visitor
  • BioChromix AB - New Analytical Tool for Alzheimer’s
  • NeoDynamics AB - New Anti-Seeding Technology
  • Lumina Adhesives AB - Strong Adhesion to Fragile Surfaces




You will find more information about the exhibition on the website Innovative Sweden.  



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