New call for proposal - VINNOVA / Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Joint Projects

The third call for proposal for cooperation between Japanes and Swedish researchers - VINNOVA / Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Joint Projects will open on 30 June. The aim with this program is to further strengthen and advance existing cooperation in an early stage.

The Agencies have agreed to promote and support scientific cooperation between highly qualified Swedish and Japanese scientists affiliated with universities or research institutions in their respective countries and engaged in the fields of natural sciences, engineering and medical sciences promoted by both Agencies. For information on research areas supported by VINNOVA, see our activities. VINNOVA strongly urges the Swedish applicant to contact us if you are uncertain if the field is covered under the program.

The Agencies may limit the subject areas based upon mutual agreement.
The purpose is to further strengthen and advance existing cooperation by supporting team to team collaboration, especially in the early stage of such collaboration. The program shall include cooperative activities in joint research projects or other joint activities as may be agreed upon.


Joint research projects are to be carried out by research teams comprised of scientists from the two countries. The team leaders must hold a full time position at a university or research institute in their respective countries. The duration of each project will be two years.

Up to three new projects will be supported each year, and up to six projects may be supported at any one time.

Financial support

For each project, VINNOVA will provide annual funding of up to SEK 150 000 to the Swedish team and JSPS will provide annual funding of up to JPY 2 500 000 to the Japanese team. The funding will cover international travel expenses between Sweden and Japan, daily allowance, accommodations and domestic travel in the receiving country and the participants own country. It will also be possible to fund a portion of the research costs such as consumables and other minor research expenses. The costs of accident/sickness insurance will not be covered.


Simultaneously, the leader of the Swedish team should submit an application to VINNOVA and the leader of the Japanese team should submit one to JSPS: These should be identical in content. Applications submitted by one side will not be accepted.

The Agencies will conduct respective reviews of the applications. Based on their results, the Agencies will make joint selections.


Call for applications – conducted based on respective timetables of VINNOVA and JSPS. The timetables are coordinated for 2011/2012 process.

  • Deadline for submitting applications – For 2011, the deadline for application is Monday September 12 at 14:00.
  • Evaluation of applications September – December 2011
  • Joint selection decision – by the end of January 2012
  • Start of projects – from April to December 2012
  • Receipt of final reports – upon completion of each project


Applications should include:

  • Basic information about: applicant, institution, budget (filled in when entering VINNNOVA’s electronic application system “Intressentportal”)
  • Abstract (as asked for in VINNOVA:s electronic application form)
  • Project description of 7 pages maximum to be written in English and under
  • Project description of 7 pages maximum to be written in English and under the following headlines:
    • Title of the project
    • Description of the applicants on the Swedish and Japanese sides (name, title, position, affiliation and main field(s) of research activity)
    • Description of the proposed project; Background, reason for the project, planned activities during the project, and budget (with reference to person weeks/months), including additional resources committed by the applicant to the project.
    • A plan for future development of the cooperation, including the role to enhance scientific cooperation between the two nations.
    • List of the 10 most relevant publications from the last 8 years from both the Swedish and Japanese project leaders
  • In addition a Curriculum Vitae (“personalbilaga”) for the Swedish project leader is submitted as a separate document when asked for by the application “portal”. This document may also include similar information on other key participants from the Swedish side, if applicable.

More information

Please contact Ms Birgitta Boman or Mr Henrik Fridén at VINNOVA for more information.




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