FFI - Strategic Vehicle Research and Innovation        

FFI is a partnership between the Swedish government and automotive industry for joint funding of research, innovation and development concentrating on Climate & Environment and Safety. Initially set to run from 2009-2012 with no definite ending year. FFI has R&D activities worth approx. €100 million per year, of which half is governmental funding. The background to the investment is that development within road transportation and Swedish automotive industry has big impact for growth.

FFI will contribute to the following main goals: Reducing the environmental impact of transport, Reducing the number killed and injured in traffic and Strengthening international competitiveness.

Currently there are five collaboration programs: 

  • Energy and Environment
  • Traffic Safety and Automated Vehicles
  • Electronics, Software and Communication
  • Sustainable Production
  • Efficient and Connected Transport systems



Examples of FFI projects

Green production of components

Green production of components

The component manufacturer Haldex is running its Green Production Systems project in conjunction with vehicle manufacturers and Mälardalen University. The aim is to meet green customer requirements and obtain an environmental accreditation for Swedish production. The research is intended to provide methods and tools for visualising and controlling environmental impact based on a holistic view of efficient engineering production.

Electric car with superior traffic safety

Electric car with superior traffic safety

An electrically powered car which meets most of the daily transport needs of an average commuter. A step in the direction towards this objective is an FFI project at Volvo Cars which has tested various batteries and electric motors as well as new business models. A prototype has been produced based on the C30 model which brings all Volvo’s existing safety solutions into play. 

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