Grand Final of the Swedish EUREKA-chairmanship

This week the Swedish presidency of EUREKA 2015/2016 holds its last meeting. Based on the values of transparency, openness, simplicity and efficiency, the Swedish chairmanship has worked to modernise and develop EUREKA – which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year - to current European and global conditions.  At the end of the week Sweden hands over the chairmanship to Spain.

We are happy to hand over the presidency to Spain on Thursday. We have done what we have said we would and we have even had the time to test many of the proposals we put forward. Among those are new ways to prepare for upcoming meetings of the network as well as new and more interactive ways to meet  - which we have also received good feedback on from the network, says Per Tervahauta, president of EUREKA during the Swedish chair.

During the year the Swedish chairmanship has worked on three priorities for developing EUREKA:

  • organization and leadership,
  • cooperation with countries outside the EU and
  • EUREKA's contribution to the European research and innovation policy.

The Swedish presidency has initiated a joint project call between Chile and Sweden and five other EUREKA countries which opens in September and we have developed a new program for the implementation of additional calls with emerging countries outside Europe, says Peter Lindberg, chairman of the national project coordinators for during the Swedish chairmanship, and continues:

To strengthen EUREKA's contribution to the European research and innovation policy we have also developed a plan of concrete measures to strengthen EUREKA's position in the member states and at European level. We hope that it may lead the EUREKA network – through its members – into becoming a voice for SMEs and industry at European level.

Peter Lindberg, Vinnova, Per Tervahauta, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation and Tomas Aronsson, Vinnova

The Swedish Presidency has also moved the development forward in areas that are important for the network. For example EUREKA 2.0, a new process with IT support calls between several countries has been launched as well as E! Innovest which is a program for venture capital and investment readiness.

One of the highlights of the presidency has been the 160426 EUREKA Innovation Week 2016 - Smart Cities, Sustainable and Attractive communities, which was held in Stockholm 26-29 April 2016.

Our goal was to demonstrate the international cooperation possibilities within EUREKA programs and to showcase Sweden as an attractive partner. The conference brought together over 900 participants from 33 countries and more than 800 matchmaking meetings between companies and organizations took place, says Per Tervahauta.


More about EUREKA

EUREKA is an international cooperation network with a focus on market-oriented industrial research, technological development and innovation, which is the Swedish Vinnova coordinator. EUREKA aims to enhance European industrial competitiveness in the world market and to create collaborative projects between companies and researchers in the 41 member countries and the three associated countries: South Africa, South Korea and Canada.

The Swedish Chairmanship 2015/2016

Sweden has the presidency of the EUREKA from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016. The Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation and VINNOVA have worked together based on the values of transparency, openness, simplicity and efficiency. The Swedish chairmanship has worked on three priorities for development:

  1. Towards a lean and efficient governance model. The goal has been to achieve a more appropriate organisational structure that promotes greater efficiency and transparency.
  2. Creating a toolbox for Smart Globalisation. The goal as been to deliver a general methodology and toolbox for the implementation of a new tool and to carry out pilot calls.
  3. Further establish EUREKA in European Innovation Policy. The goal has been to establish EUREKA as an important stakeholder in European Innovation Policy and contribute to the implementation of the European Research and Innovation Area.

Within each priority the chairmanship has initiated a dedicated working group consisting of representatives of the network to move the process forward. Coordinator of the Swedish EUREKA chairmanship is Tomas Aronsson at Vinnova.



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