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Mobility for Growth

Supporting experienced researcher careers through mobility and international collaborations.

The overall objective for the programme Mobility for Growth is to support career development for individuals through mobility. The programme has a funding mechanism for incoming and outgoing transnational mobility for experienced researchers (including a reintegration phase for outgoing mobility), and it promotes active international collaborations between involved organisations.

The Mobility for Growth programme targets experienced researchers who have a doctorate or at least four years’ full-time equivalent research experience and who are interested in mobility as a career development option.

The programme duration is from 2012 to at least 2017 and there is currently an overall budget of EUR 35 million, of which EUR 10 million is co-funding from Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (European Commission).

The programme includes the following calls for proposals

VINNOVA recommends the applicants to the calls above to first apply for a planning grant. Planning grant proposals are submitted to two separate calls depending on what type of project which is planned:

The relationship between the Mobility for Growth calls is illustrated by the following figure:

Mobility for Growth - calls

For more information about Mobility for Growth, see the programme descriptionpdf .

The programme is a continuation and development of the VINNMER programme, that will not open more calls.

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