Financing innovation in enterprises

Vinnova supports early-stage companies when other funding is hard to come by. We want to make it possible to create business opportunities and help companies to enhance their competitive ability.

Vinnova invest in companies that develop innovative goods, services or processes with potential competitive advantages. The Companies also need to have a clear commercial focus that can become competitive internationally. The funding must be crucial to the completion of their project.


Our offers 


Innovative start-ups

Who can apply? Unlisted share companies and economic associations with up to 49 employees and annual sales under SEK 2m.

For what? We fund business modelling and the development of prototypes and demo versions.

How much? Funding is offered in two phases: In phase 1, a company can apply for up to SEK 300,000 and in phase 2 up to SEK 1m.


Innovation Projects in companies for 2017

Who can apply? Limited companies and economic associations with up to 249 employees

For what? Development projects that require self-funding (planning for and implementation of development projects)

How much? Up to SEK 2m in grants


Innovation vouchers

  • 100 00 SEK to initiate innovation development
  • Three coordinators
  • Hire consultants/university
  • Business development or strategy for intangible assets


Incubator programme

  • Support through incubators
  • Knowledge-intensive start-ups with international growth potential
  • Business development, networks and skills for companies and projects through incubators
  • Vinnova funds incubators so they can deliver the services



For companies with their own R&I that want

to collaborate with at least one country

  • Market-oriented R&I projects in all areas
  • Coordinated by SMEs with their own R&I
  • 50% funding for SMEs
  • Projects up to 3 years
  • About 30% grant approval rate
  • Contact Vinnova or EUSMESupport for more information


Horizon 2020

EU funding

Vinnova’s support office will help you with your application.

Two offers:

  • Feasibility study, EUR 50,000 (phase 1)
  • Innovation development and demonstration, EUR 0.5–2.5m (phase 2)

Recipient countries are entitled to free business coaching.

Extremely tough competition – international competitiveness a requirement.



About us

Vinnova is Sweden’s innovation agency. We promote sustainable growth by improving the conditions for innovation and by funding needs-driven research.

We promote collaborations between companies, universities, research institutes and the public sector. We do this by stimulating a greater use of research, by making long-term investment in strong research and innovation environments and by developing catalytic meeting places. Our activities also focus on strengthening international cooperation.

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