Do you need advise on the EU programmes for Research and Innovation?

Swedish National Contact Points (NCP) for Horizon 2020

With more knowledge, you have more chance to get EU funding. The National Contact Points (NCP) gives advise and support on the European Research and Innovation programmes, from the content of the work programmes to the application process and contract issues.

We know the content and priorities of each area of Horizon 2020 and the rules for participation. Specific questions about contracts, agreements and other legal issues can be answered by Gwendolyn Schaeken Legal and financial NCP.

You will find the primary NCPs for Horizon 2020 at Vinnova and at the Swedish Research Council, but deputy NCPs can also be found in other organizations/agencies: the Swedish Research Council Formas, Swedish Energy Agency, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), Environmental Protection Agency, Swedish Defence Research Agency, Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, Swedish National Space Board and Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. 

View the complete list of Swedish NCPs (in Swedish).



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