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International Cooperation with Actors in China for Eco-Innovations 2013

New call for proposals.

Vinnova in cooperation with the Swedish Energy Agency has launched a call for proposals for International Cooperation with Actors in China for Eco-Innovations 2013.

The new call focuses on type B projects; implementation of international research and development projects and is open for consortia which have an active involvement of industry, universities, research institutes and public sector actors.

In 2012, Vinnova started the International Cooperation for Eco-Innovations programme. The aim of this programme is to strengthen Swedish actors’ international networks for cooperation in research and development leading to innovations for a sustainable development - Eco-Innovations.  Its focus is on stimulating the collaboration with academia, institutes and companies in emerging economies. It is anticipated that the actors’ increased global R&D presence will lead to greater competitiveness and growth, whilst strengthening the prospects of a better environment and sustainable societal development.

Vinnova and the Swedish Energy Agency are now launching a call for cooperation with actors in China under the International Cooperation for Eco-Innovations programme.  The aim of the new call is to develop strategic research and innovation partnerships between Swedish actors and those in China which will ultimately strengthen the competitiveness of Swedish actors.

Priority areas

The priority areas of the new call are:

1) Environmental technology, which includes products (goods and services) that reduce the use of natural resources and that reduce emissions of harmful substances throughout their life cycle, such as new manufacturing processes, new materials, environmental protection technology, efficient use of resources (water, raw materials, energy etc.) and the replacement of fossil-based, energy-intensive and harmful substances.

2) Sustainable urban development, which includes the introduction of new or significantly improved products (goods or services), processes, organisational changes or marketing solutions, such as partial or systemic solutions in water and sewage, district heating, urban transport, water purification, waste management and information and communications technology leading to reduced environmental impact.

The total budget for this call is SEK 40 million. The selection and funding of projects take place via coordinated calls in Sweden and China. Vinnova is responsible for the Swedish application process and the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) for the Chinese. Please note that the deadline for submitting proposals is on 2 May at 14.00 hrs.

More information

For more information please see the full call textpdf      or contact Ciro Vasquez and/or Ebba Lindegren at Vinnova and Sven Risberg at the Swedish Energy Agency.

The new call will be presented at an information meeting at Vinnova in Stockholm on 7 March. For more information and link to registration please see the Vinnova calendar (in Swedish). 

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